A Better Industrial




9:00am - 5:00pm


A Better Industrial located in Kaden Towers on Ductman's Lane.


When A Better was formed, the decision was made to first study the entireindustry, all the big players in the game, to find out what worked andwhat didn't, then re-engineer the entire business model. This strategywas one born of experience... the founder of A Better at manytimes in his engineering career performed under contract for severalLouisville and National agencies, and knew the business model needed tobe reworked. ...A Better was born out of insight and foresight.

A Better operates differently at it's core, in the way we goabout our business of helping clients with their staffing and HumanResources needs. This business design is fundamental to ouroverwhelming success in Customer Satisfaction. It's the result of yearsof study, listening, learning, and most importantly common sense.

The most important of our operational differences is the concept ofDirect Contact. The shortest distance between two points is a straightline. Then why widen the gap with unnecessary curves and bottlenecks?Most staffing companies, whether they call themselves TemporaryAgencies, Consulting Firms, or Recruiting Companies use a multi-tiersystem to find and screen candidates. Multi-tier systems add layers ofcomplexity to the critical lines of communication.

Inthe industry standard business model, the Account Executive handles theclient company and the Recruiter handles all interaction with the jobapplicants. At A Better, a Staffing Specialist handles both partsof the equation... why?

In the role of'Account Executive' we spend a great deal of time getting to know ourclients, their company, their environment, their needs for an openposition intimately. Why let that information go to waste? It's crucialin finding the best match for a client company, and it's not the typeof information easily handed to a simple recruiter.

In the role of 'Recruiter' we get to know the skills, abilities,desires and personalities of the applicants intimately. Thatinformation is important as well to ensure a good match that will standthe test of time. An unhappy employee that leaves after two months is awaste of time and money. So why leave both vital pieces of informationto the sometimes adversarial role of Recruiter vs. Account Executive?

At A Better, when you talk to your staffing specialist you knowthat we have both pieces of the puzzle, we have a personal stake inmaking the perfect match, and our batting average and long history ofunmatched customer satisfaction proves that we may be doing itdifferently, but we're doing the right way. Put us to the test today.



A+ definitely gets an A+ from us. We raised over $1,000 for our Pop Warner team and get awesome mugs!
 - John,  PW President

We raised nearly $5,000 for our cheer team to help pay for our competition! Awesome deal!

  - Denise, Cheer Board

Our soccer moms and dads LOVE their custom mugs with their little soccer stars on the mugs. And we raised a few hundred for the league too. We're going to do this league-wide next year.
 - Rick, Soccer Coach